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Angela Hamilton, owner of a thriving skin and laser clinic, became frustrated with skincare brands containing silicones, synthetic fillers, and chemicals that lacked natural nourishment.

Driven by a commitment to authentic skincare, she crafted an all-natural hyaluronic serum and facial oil for her clients. With encouraging reviews, passion lead her to pursue a Diploma in Natural/Organic Cosmetic Formulation and Cosmetic Science in 2018.

The closure of her clinic during the 2019 pandemic provided Angela the opportunity to launch Zest Botanicals, showcasing products with premium natural and organic ingredients, including Australian native botanicals.

Sustainability is a focal point, featuring recyclable or compostable packaging and carbon-neutral shipping, proudly maintaining an Australian Made, Cruelty-Free, and Vegan Friendly ethos.

Angela Hamilton
Founder & Formulator